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   St. James Court Art Show - 10/6-8 booth SJ212 - St James Court  Louisville, KY  

  Kentuck Festival of the Arts - 10/14-15 booth K08 - Kentuck Park   Northport, AL

"So why clay art?  I can't explain it.   I must have art in my heart and clay in my veins.   I love the dimensionality. I like creating pieces that are diminished if not viewed from every side."

"There is something in the human heart that craves art. While the level of need varies among people, I need art like I need water. Without it my soul would shrivel and starve."


"My pieces are high fired clay.  They often have over 15 different glazes and have been fired 3 times."

wall fish.jpg

Jane Wood is an artist specializing in sculpture and ceramic art.

"Fine art should touch the viewer and hopefully convey more than one concept.  I believe the viewer is the most important element for a piece of art.  Art is in the mind and heart of the viewer.  I like to create pieces that entice the viewer to think a while and tickle the imagination."

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